Monday:  December 19th:

Oh my!  Another chilly one.

Sorry, OW and P Daddy:  I am scheduled to work today, so you two goofs will be on your own.

Strangely, a rather quiet Monday.

Most likely due to the holidays that are just around the corner.

I love seeing all the trees lit up as I pass the houses on the way to and from work.

Hey, it’s the darkest days of the year, so morning or night, darkness prevails.

I feel a little like a peeping Tom.



So many gorgeous twinkling lights.

But none can compete with the flashing neon signs.

You guessed it.

The ambience in the bars this time of year is unbelievable.

“Oh yeah. I have 20 people coming over for Christmas dinner.”

“My daughter needed a new car. I bought her an Escalade. What? Me?  Oh I never get any gifts.”

“Yeah, oyster stew on Christmas Eve, then we go to church, come back home and open presents.  Christmas day?  We watch movies.”

“The kids come over, the x wife and her new husband come over and the grand kids come over and everyone eats. Then we get into arguments, the kids break their toys and we have another wonderful holiday.”

“Me?  It’s just me.  I am alone.  Is the bar open on the 25th?  No?  Well, I guess it will be just another day.”

“We have the most unbelievable Christmas.  It is a family tradition.  We don’t buy gifts. We donate money to those who need it. Actually, we have Christmas all year round.”

You see, Christmas is not restricted to one day in December. Christmas is a feeling, a joyous feeling, that lasts throughout the year.  We celebrate it when we donate whatever we have to those who need it:  The homeless, the hungry, the sick and the elderly. Our troops in foreign countries who serve to preserve and protect our lives. Those who live in fear and terror in other parts of this world. And of course, to our friends, family and mostly, our heritage: our children.

To each and every one of you:

May you enjoy the spirit of the season, celebrate in your own way, give thanks for what you have, and share what you can.

It only comes once a year: the magic of Christmas.




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