A half day off in the life of a deranged chicken butt can be dangerous.

If you see a lunatic chicken on the loose early in the afternoon, my advice is to stay away.

Today, for example, after a shopping frenzy, the Cx Butt stopped for a drink.

Several drinks later, the whole place was singing to the Band’s old song:  Take a load off Annie.   (The Weight).

And Cripple Creek.  A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one.

If you happened to walk into this love fest, you were caught up in the moment, singing to the oldies, checking out any time you pleased, while you could never leave.

It was still day light when the chicken b. decided to high tail it home, to feed Oh Wow and Puff Daddy.

They were not happy.

Oh Wow ran outside, and P Daddy dug her claws into the Cx Butt, leaving a memorable scar which will live on through eternity.

A question remains:

How much for an ounce?

Well, let’s just say that it is usually around $300.

But with the right connections, $240.

And if you had an extra 2 or 3 hundred, would you buy it?

Or would you continue to purchase the $10 buck variety at your local wine store?

Let’s see:  At 10 bucks per bottle, I could consume 20 bottles, or opt for an once of a natural home grown weed.

No contest.

Give me the weed.


Until tomorrow, when, my dear friends, I have another half day off…… adios!




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