Oh my!


Am I supposed to be somewhere  today?

Like working?



The Oh Wow! and puff daddy slept with me last night.

I think they missed me.

In the past, when “Who’s your Daddy” was alive, they could not care less if I came home or not.

Well, last night and today, those two critters would not leave my side.

Puff Daddy even played like a kitten with her gift from B and L Staples.

She chased those mice all over the house.

And Pinty?

He wanted to hang out in my lap, as the bog beast, weighing at least 30 pounds. waiting for the chicken butt to give him the attention that he needed.


I went out for just an hour or two, to see Kelly, Brian and Cait.

And now that I am home?


The big boy went out in the rain.

And PD is stalking the fake mice.

And me?

Well, I am just reliving the past few days.

And thinking to myself:  What a wonderful Christmas!

I can’t stop smiling.

It was a Christmas to remember.

Just one last thought:

Aggie:  You are a hoot!

Thanks for the book and for being you!

Wink wink.




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