Not one bit ready for the work week.

The alarm sounded at 5am.

The cats pounced on me.

Is it Monday?

Oh wait.

It is the day after the day after Christmas, I think.

Oh my!

What a wild and wonderful weekend I had.

Dee sent me a lovely shirt and vest that I am wearing today.

She and I go back to 1990 or was it 1890?

At any rate, we are still buddies, after all these years.

Good friends, old friends,new friends, all friends make the holiday special.

So tonight, I decided to stop in to see my new friend, Pattie.




Are you ok?

She was distraught over her beautiful dog, who is up there, in age, and is having issues.

We hugged and shared gifts and toasted to the moment with huge glasses of wine.

Too bad Pattie had to spill hers.


Well, I poured half of what I had into her glass, and we shared an hour of Christmas cheer.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Oh Wow and P Daddy were waiting for their evening entrees.

Now that they are done, Oh Wow, went outside and PD went to sleep.

I really cannot have another glass of wine.

I am turning over a new leaf.

No more acting wild…… well… I already am 3 sheets….

After all, tomorrow is Tuesday….No!  Wait! It’s Wednesday.  Yes!

I love it when I suddenly realize that we have a 4 day week.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Can’t wait to share my new sign at work, a gift from Pattie.

I think I will use it when I have my review:

Drinks well with others!





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