Things I learned today:

When it is quiet at work, do those things that you need to do to prepare you for the New Year. Yes, even moving files.

Wake up late?

Get your ass to Dunkin D’s and inhale the coffee.

Need a special project done that you are not qualified to do?

Reach out to your coworker, who, even on vacation, will come to the rescue.

Feeling slightly guilty about leaving the cats in such a hurry this morning?

When evening comes around and your felines see you walk up the stairs, the sounds of joy and happiness are overwhelming, until of course, they are fed.

Stop for a quick after work drink and run into 15 friends.

Oh my goodness!

There is nothing like a neighborhood bar to make you feel fabulous.

You know, the place where everybody knows your name.

Every day has so many happy moments, if we truly believe that they exist.

I found so many today.

Hey, maybe I am Peter Pan.

Naw…. I think I am Tinker Bell.

And every time a bell rings, tinker has to tinkle.

Until tomorrow,






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