Miracles in January, in 2017

January 2017:  What were you all about?

A warmer than usual winter.

A new president.

An anniversary for me, at my job:  13 years.

Unbelievable protests across the globe.

An unlikely family:  2 cats and a chicken butt.

Crazy dreams every night, hearing Jim say:  “Hey! Pinty is at the door! Can you let him in?”

Thinking about retirement but not yet…

So very happy to have connected with my Minnesota family once again.  But…. where is Dooey?

Not cooking….not ever.  How cool is that?

Connecting with my 3 or 4 doctors during the week: Kelly, Kait, Colleen and Bree.  Love these girls.

Getting engaged to 2 or 3 guys: All in their 20s.  hahahahahha.

Enjoying the miracle that every day on this planet brings.

And….. shhhhhhhhhhhhh.  a secret.  I have a pair of leggings that will blow your socks off.


Cougars rock!



Is this what we have become?

Yes!  Sunday!

I am going to get so much accomplished.

Guess again.

Didn’t even get dressed.

Actually, it was a distressing day for me…. and our country.

The land of the free…… if you qualify.

If you live in a war torn country, forget about coming here, to start a new life, to raise a family and to chase your dreams.

Think about the children, who have not had any peace or sense of security.

If they were your children, wouldn’t you be outraged?

In a blink of an eye, our way of life, our character, our beliefs and our values have changed.

Not so fast.

There are those of us who will fight to the end to protect, preserve and cherish our way of life.

We have always welcomed diversity… until today.

I am not proud of what is happening.

I am saddened.

And frightened.




13 years? Seems like yesterday….

We working folk wait for the weekend to get our chores done and our acts together.

Ok, some of us do.

There are those occasional idiots who get up on a Saturday morning, and decide that the day is to be enjoyed.

Oh boy, it’s our Christmas exchange day.

The 6 of us, who worked together back in the day, get together every month, at breakfast time.

Well, in December, we had issues; bad weather, illness, etc. Yeah, all those damn things that seem to pop up when we have made plans.

This morning was different: All 6 of us together…. again.

Have we changed over the past 13 years?

Well……I suppose, but I think we all pretty much stayed the same…. maybe not in looks, but in personalities.

I took a good look at the other 5 and made a mental image of what each of us had been and who we are now.

A word or two about each:

Sue: Always the perfect Grandma, soon to be celebrating Robyn’s deployment into the Navy.

Andra:  In the past decade, finding Mr, Right, enjoying a great new home, and a flexible life style.

Denise:  A new heart, a new foot, a new home and feeling good.

Susie:  After a very stressful year or two, with her husband battling cancer, it appears that all is well.  Thank goodness!

Diane:  No more cane.  No more pain.  Enjoying painting, traveling and just doing whatever she wants to do!  Happy retirement.

Chicken Butt: Still working, still acting like an idiot and still enjoying every day, as the most obnoxious goof in the free world.

13 years later.

When we get together, the years melt away.

We pick up where we left off, enjoying one another’s company.

Love these 5 girls…..ok, old girls.

See you in February!!





Don’t fear the greeter… or the reefer.

I will admit that today was a rare day.

I am usually happy to be working at my job.

Today, I was stretching that feeling.

Actually, I wasn’t feeling it.

I felt like I should have asked for a vacation day.

And when that happens, it is obvious that I need a time out.

Yep!  Just like a kid.

Get me the heck out of here and let me go wild.

Well, at 5pm, I did just that.

Oh yes!

It felt good to connect with the regulars, the strangers and whoever else came into the bar.

Hey! Everyone! It’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend! Thank you for coming!

You know what?

It is so ridiculous how I have to talk to every person who enters the establishment.

I really need to grow up, be the all wise and knowing guru of the bar scene, and to cool my jets.

Guess what?

Ain’t gonna happen.

What a lovely and warm feeling I had when I left tonight.

Yeah?  I know. I had 2 glasses of wine, but it was more than that.

It was just a perfect ending to an imperfect week.


Almost over.

The winter has been quite delightful…. so far.

Hope we will all still be here,  tomorrow, as another miracle happens.

And if so, I will be joining you as I venture out in the world.

Let’s make the most of it!



Too loaded to unload…..

A day of highs and lows:

High:  I woke up.

Low:  Shoot.  It is only Thursday.

High:  My Keurig got delivered last night.

Low:  Too loaded to unload it.

High:  DD coffee and bagel.

Low:  Why do they put so much cream cheese on these things?

High:  Ready to go to work at 715am.

Low:  Oh Wow cat would not come in.

High:  Had turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, rolls and sweet potato casserole for lunch.

Low:  Oink oink.

High;  Thought some of the ongoing issues had been solved….. at work.

Low:  Wrong.

High:  Ag is getting released from the hospital tomorrow.

Low:  I have to work, so I will not be able to celebrate with her.

High:  at 4pm, I got a wild streak and went wild….. out of control at work… silly as a rabbit.

Low:  Still another hour to go.

High;  Could not wait to get home to see if Oh Wow was waiting and ready to come inside.

Low:  I heard him crying,  “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow” as I opened the door.

High: The 3 of us are home, on a windy January night:  Puff Daddy, Oh Wow and the Chicken Butt.

Low:  Another light bulb blew out.  Oh boy. I better quit drinking, so I can climb up that #@5@@%@ ladder and replace them.


Good night all!

Hey, tomorrow is Friday!




A crazy night of happiness

Meeting night.

Time to get our ducks in a row, to attend the event in February, wine & beer tasting, to benefit the kids in Berks County.

Oh my.

What a night.

Yes, we met.

Yes, we drank.

Yes, we laughed.

Yes, we were out of control.

And then Tom and Susan came in, along with 5 or 6 Chris’s and Scott.

Oh my!

It was the first night Patti  and I met at this watering hole, and believe me, she was a hoot.

We not only have a trip planned for the FriendFest, in Feb, we have a Christmas event pending, along with a trip or two to Ireland, with the locals.

I never have 3 glasses of wine.

I lie.

I did tonight.

What a lovely evening.

Hey everyone!

Life is a miracle.

If you happen to be here, on this day, or tomorrow, celebrate!

Enjoy and make the most of it.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, along with those we know and those we just met.

Hope we make it til tomorrow.

If we do, let’s dance!



Ok, yes? or no?


Or Fiction?


Or False?

You decide….

  1. You burn more gas if you turn the AC on in your car.
  2.  Have a cold/nagging cough? You will sleep soundly, no coughing, if you apply Vick’s Vapo Rub on your feet, and cover them with heavy socks when you go to bed.
  3. Cats are smarter than dogs.
  4. Less is more.
  5. A glass of wine in the evening is equal to an hour at the gym.
  6. If the truth will hurt, it is better to tell a white lie.
  7. Politics and religion are not the best things to discuss at a cocktail party.
  8. If you lose one earring or one sock, you might as well throw out the other one.
  9. A divorce is more painful than a death.
  10. A good friend will defend you, even when you are wrong.
  11. Starbucks is better than Dunkin.
  12.  Dreaming is essential to success.
  13. A rich life has little to do with money.
  14. Learning to love one’s self is not selfish.
  15. Whatever you are passionate about, defines you.
  16. Laughter is the best medicine.
  17. Classic rock is the best music ever.




Hey, kids! I’m home!




And to top it all off, a Monday.

When 5 am rolled around, I really did not want to get out of bed.

However, when it was time to leave for work, I really did not want to leave Puff and Oh Wow alone.

So, as you can see, the time’s they are a changing…..

Since when did I have this nagging feeling that my responsibilities are 2 cats, who I might add, are spoiled to the core.

How do I know they are spoiled?

  1. Grocery shopping:  When those 2 need cat food, I go.  And I might buy myself something, as long as I am there.
  2. Leaving for more than a day:  If I have plans and can’t be back til tomorrow, these 2 goofs have food, water, kitty litter and treats that would last a month for any other 2 cats.
  3. Feeding time:  Yes, they have at least 4 meals, possibly 5 a day.
  4. I allow them to hop on the bed, sleep on my legs, my arms, my head, my feet and wake up in the morning, feeling like a pretzel.
  5. I talk baby talk to them.  Yup.  I am a sick woman.
  6. I worry about them when I leave in the morning, especially if the weather is bad.  Yeah, I know they can’t get out of the house, but I still can’t wait to get home to make sure they are ok.
  7. I buy way too many toys for them.
  8. I tell them my problems.
  9. If you look at my photo albums, it’s all about them.
  10. And I tell everyone I am a dog person, but I really have grown to love and admire these 2 idiots.

Just for kicks, the 11th reason:  They have done a remarkable job of training and controlling me….


But it’s ok.



Don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello

Well, this election certainly has some people fired up.

The supporters are ecstatic, raving over the new administration.

They want change.

They are tired of Washington.

They want a tough guy.

They can’t wait to show the world our strength.

But they cannot understand or even try to understand those who oppose this change.

Millions of Americans took to the streets of our cities, to protest.

They believe that Trump may destroy our country, not make it great.

Human rights and decency are at stake.

We are a divided country.

We are saying hateful things to one another, especially on social media.

Opposing views are just that.

It is part of our heritage and our constitution to allow free speech.

It hurts me to see Americans having so little respect for one another.

Opinions are just that.

It’s ok to disagree.

We are, after all, a diverse civilization.

Freedom is to be cherished.

All voices have a right to be heard.

No one has all the answers.

We all want to see our country strong and thriving

Only we can make it happen… together.



In training, for Miss Piggy II

It was one of those days that kept me at my desk, for the most part, getting orders ready for a major account.

Not much interaction with customers, co workers, or sales.

Just a grueling day, doing what had to be done, even though it is not my strong point.

It has been said that introverts get their energy from within, and working alone, while extroverts and idiots like me, need people around, constantly, to thrive.

No, I am not exactly an extrovert, but yes, I am an idiot.

As a seasoned idiot, I need to put out my radar and connect with those who just may be looking for a lunatic/idiot.

One of my favorite activities of any work day, is to load my pockets with candy, grab my cart of orders and walk through the facility, talking to those I know and talking to those I don’t know…. at least not yet.

And when I get back to my desk, to enjoy taunting and terrorizing my cubies,  to act a little crazy and to share a few laughs.

It didn’t happen that way today, and guess what?

This idiot retreated into snacking her ass off.

Toast, cocoa and more toast.

Then a stuffed cabbage roll, green beans and mac and cheese.

For dessert?  A jelly donut.

Ok, a little later a glazed donut with chocolate icing.

Carrying it on to my free time:

2 orange drinks, doubles and a beer, along with a bag of kettle corn.

Geez. I love that kettle corn.

Please excuse me now…..oink oink.

I have turned into Miss Piggy and need to find my pink pajamas.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I will be in touch…..