Thinking about going to the back room tomorrow, to work.

I have this vision:  10 people trudging into work, wondering where the hell the holidays went.

“How was your vacation/Christmas/New Year?”

Most will answer, “Great, but too short.”

Some will say, “It was ok, but I am happy it is over for another year.”

Others will say, at least 10 times during the day, “Geez, I am so tired.”

Oh the holidays.

Such a personal experience for everyone.

Family time.

Or even better, a time for friends.

Eating, drinking, celebrating, giving, receiving, laughing, enjoying and wishing every day could be as magical as this time of year.

However, January looms, with its promise of wintry wonders.

Time to meet Jack Frost and his shenanigans.

Winter is not for everyone.

Cold, stormy, often snowy and downright challenging.

But it has its own beauty.

After all, if you happen to live in the Northland, the four seasons are spectacular.

Winter just seems to be a little bit longer than the other 3 seasons.

By the spring, most of us are anxious to see it pass, for another year.

When I was younger, winter was a time for skating and skiing and sledding.

It was just another season, to be enjoyed.

Not so much, as I age.

No wonder so many seniors move south.

Winter can be a pain in the ass, a hardship, making travel and commuting difficult.

It remains to be seen what this January will have to offer.

Let’s hope that whatever it brings, we will step back and enjoy the beauty of the season.

There is none other like it.




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