Rough one.

My feet hurt.

My arms and hands are bruised.

No, I did not get into a fight.

Well, sort of….. with the filing cabinets.

It was an off and on thing all day.

When it was over….

The first thing I did:  kick off those steel toed shoes.

Next: wiggled my toes.

Oh yes!

Drove to my favorite neighborhood bar, where I ran into the boys from the hood.

Oh what a crazy time.

It amazes me why these good old boys put up with the chicken butt….. but they do.

And we laughed and carried on for an hour or so, until it was time to head on home to feed Jim’s cats.

Hey, wait!

They are my cats now.

Puff Daddy was waiting.

So was Oh Wow!

And they dined on their favorite fancy feast delights, while I changed into my jammies and settled in for a quiet evening.

All my evenings eventually turn into something I am getting used to.

No TV.

No noise.

Just the sound of my keyboard, and the occasional cry for more food from the felines.

Silence is under rated.

Try it sometime.

Just you and …. well, just you.

Are you comfortable with yourself?

Do you enjoy your time for reflecting on your day, your life, your purpose, without any interruptions?

It’s a new thing for me.

3 months ago, this house was alive with the sound of music, the sound of TV, the sound of life.

Now, it is alive in an environment, that thrives on the peace and quiet after another day in the workplace and the bar scene.

The gardenia candle smells so wonderful.

The few lights in the house make it seem very cozy.

One cat out, one cat in.

When they are both ready to snooze, I will join them.

The seasons of the year resemble the seasons of our lives.

Tonight, I welcome winter, as I bundle up and turn up the heat.

The three of us, together, tonight, on a January night, in 2017.

Who would have thought it would be like this?

Hey Puff and Oh Wow!

Let’s not question it…..

Let’s just enjoy one another, as long as we are together.




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