An unexpected and unwelcomed virus decided to invade the Chicken Butt.

Hanging around for 4 days, without mercy.

My diet for the weekend:  Water, Gator Aid and toast.

Of course, the virus rejected all food and beverages until this afternoon.

I ate a banana.

So far, so good.

What amazed me was the amount of time I slept.

Round the clock.

The OH Wow cat slept by my side almost the whole time.

The little one crept in occasionally, to visit, which was nice.

The doctor’s prescription:  Take it easy.  Eat apple sauce, bananas, chicken soup, for a few days, until you feel you can handle food.

Looks like I slept through a cold weekend.

Today is not exactly balmy either.

At least I feel like I might live … for a few hours anyway.  Haha!!

A lesson learned, one that I had forgotten:

Without good health, life ain’t worth a damn.




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