How long have I been sleeping?

Am I Rapunzel or one of those fairy tale characters, who lives forever?

Ok, so I must be Keith Richards.

Who was it that slept all the time?

Sleeping Beauty?

Or was it Ozzie Osbourn?

By the way, what the hell? Sharon?  Are you really going back to Oz?

Do you believe in flying monkeys?

Along with good witches and bad witches?

Sorry, but I think the Wizard was a ridiculous goof.

Who, I might add, ruined my childhood.

The Wiz taught me several things:

There is no santa claus.

You can never go home again.

Smoke and mirrors are just that.

However, a pair or red shoes are, somehow, magical.

And, of course, if you follow the yellow brick road, you will end up singing, “I’m going back to my plow.”

Where were we?

Oh yeah, 430am, this morning.

Trudging down the driveway with the week’s trash.

Hoping that my right hand would thaw out before it fell off.

Feeding the cats 3 times before 7am.

Packing a lunch of chicken soup, apple sauce and yogurt.

Can it get anymore depressing?

It is now 7pm.

Another day of living the dream.

Time to change into my jams and slippers.

Guess what?

I have red slippers.






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