Since when does Pennsylvania see 60 degrees in January?

And then…. tomorrow, 30 degrees?

Up one day.

Down the next.

Co workers battling the flu, the virus and the instability of the weather.

A light jacket today, tomorrow a fur coat.

Scraping ice on Wednesday, while today was almost spring like.

Meanwhile, at the office, we are losing Yvette and Fatima.

Both have found new work homes.

They are excited.

Sometimes all of us need a new venture, a new beginning, a change, a challenge, and a new start.

Change, after all, is the very essence of life, in one’s work and in one’s personal life.

Moving on is natural.

It is healthy.

It proves that we need to continue to grow, to take on the unknown, to be successful.

My best wishes to each of you:  Yvette and Fatima.

May this change be the catalyst to success.

We will miss you two.

And we will be watching, applauding your efforts and your achievements.

Thank you for all your support over the years.

We will never forget you….. and hope that you will remember us, fondly, as you begin a new chapter in your work life.







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