A pair of shoes.

If they just aren’t right, well…..

And these are brand new steel toed shoes.

They weigh me down.

When I walk through the warehouse, these blasted shoes make me feel like I am carrying the weight of the elephants from the Barnum and Bailey circus.

Can you believe it?

The circus is closing its doors, after 146 years.

So, now, who is going to adopt the elephants and the monkeys, the clowns and the high flying acrobats?

Getting back to the shoes, I refuse to wear my new steel toed monstrosities.

Naturally, I went to Amazon and got a “light” weight pair of pink and black gems that should arrive in a week or so.

No wonder the founder of Amazon is such a rich man.

You can get anything you want, and then some, from Amazon.

And if you need it quickly, opt into Amazon Prime and the stuff will arrive in 2 days.

Well, I rarely need anything in 2 days, unless, of course, I am out of Irish Whiskey or Coors light.

So far, Mr Amazon doesn’t ship booze.

Well, getting back to shoes, there is nothing more irritating than feet, that hurt.

I can’t wait to get my pink steel toed beauties.

My grey hiking steel toes are up for grabs.

Please someone, take them.

I never want to put my delicate tootsies in those heavy Frankenstein boots again.


Oh geez.

The new shoes will not be here for 4 days.

I wonder if I should opt for Prime.

If you happen to see an old bag, who is clunking around the warehouse in grey hiking steel toed shoes, please be kind.

She has issues.







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