Hump day was a whale of a killer.

Or is it a killer of a hump whale?

Well, in any case, after the drama, it was time to head on down to the place where everybody knows my name.

“Chicken Butt is here!”

What a lovely evening, chatting with those who love to hang out together.

What I learned tonight:

Scott is still in love with his X.

Bryan had a fabulous time in NC.

Chris never takes a vacation.

However, Mr and Mrs Chris love the Finger Lakes.

Bobbie can’t make the friend fest.  He works on Saturdays, but Kim is my date.

Next Wednesday, we need to meet again, to solidify the plans.


What plans?

We are taking a bus to the fest and we plan to hoot and holler.

When the excitement settled down somewhat, Mrs Chris and I had a lovely, long talk, about life and spirituality and pets.

I love that gal.

And of course, we both love her daughter, Cait.

What a fabulous kid she is.

Well, I am home now.

Oh Wow ate and went out.

PD ate and is waiting for me to give the word:  Bed time!

I love the feeling I get after having a few blasts with the neighborhood gang.

Life is good.

Friends make it even better.

Cheers everyone!




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