It was one of those days that kept me at my desk, for the most part, getting orders ready for a major account.

Not much interaction with customers, co workers, or sales.

Just a grueling day, doing what had to be done, even though it is not my strong point.

It has been said that introverts get their energy from within, and working alone, while extroverts and idiots like me, need people around, constantly, to thrive.

No, I am not exactly an extrovert, but yes, I am an idiot.

As a seasoned idiot, I need to put out my radar and connect with those who just may be looking for a lunatic/idiot.

One of my favorite activities of any work day, is to load my pockets with candy, grab my cart of orders and walk through the facility, talking to those I know and talking to those I don’t know…. at least not yet.

And when I get back to my desk, to enjoy taunting and terrorizing my cubies,  to act a little crazy and to share a few laughs.

It didn’t happen that way today, and guess what?

This idiot retreated into snacking her ass off.

Toast, cocoa and more toast.

Then a stuffed cabbage roll, green beans and mac and cheese.

For dessert?  A jelly donut.

Ok, a little later a glazed donut with chocolate icing.

Carrying it on to my free time:

2 orange drinks, doubles and a beer, along with a bag of kettle corn.

Geez. I love that kettle corn.

Please excuse me now…..oink oink.

I have turned into Miss Piggy and need to find my pink pajamas.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I will be in touch…..





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