Well, this election certainly has some people fired up.

The supporters are ecstatic, raving over the new administration.

They want change.

They are tired of Washington.

They want a tough guy.

They can’t wait to show the world our strength.

But they cannot understand or even try to understand those who oppose this change.

Millions of Americans took to the streets of our cities, to protest.

They believe that Trump may destroy our country, not make it great.

Human rights and decency are at stake.

We are a divided country.

We are saying hateful things to one another, especially on social media.

Opposing views are just that.

It is part of our heritage and our constitution to allow free speech.

It hurts me to see Americans having so little respect for one another.

Opinions are just that.

It’s ok to disagree.

We are, after all, a diverse civilization.

Freedom is to be cherished.

All voices have a right to be heard.

No one has all the answers.

We all want to see our country strong and thriving

Only we can make it happen… together.




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