And to top it all off, a Monday.

When 5 am rolled around, I really did not want to get out of bed.

However, when it was time to leave for work, I really did not want to leave Puff and Oh Wow alone.

So, as you can see, the time’s they are a changing…..

Since when did I have this nagging feeling that my responsibilities are 2 cats, who I might add, are spoiled to the core.

How do I know they are spoiled?

  1. Grocery shopping:  When those 2 need cat food, I go.  And I might buy myself something, as long as I am there.
  2. Leaving for more than a day:  If I have plans and can’t be back til tomorrow, these 2 goofs have food, water, kitty litter and treats that would last a month for any other 2 cats.
  3. Feeding time:  Yes, they have at least 4 meals, possibly 5 a day.
  4. I allow them to hop on the bed, sleep on my legs, my arms, my head, my feet and wake up in the morning, feeling like a pretzel.
  5. I talk baby talk to them.  Yup.  I am a sick woman.
  6. I worry about them when I leave in the morning, especially if the weather is bad.  Yeah, I know they can’t get out of the house, but I still can’t wait to get home to make sure they are ok.
  7. I buy way too many toys for them.
  8. I tell them my problems.
  9. If you look at my photo albums, it’s all about them.
  10. And I tell everyone I am a dog person, but I really have grown to love and admire these 2 idiots.

Just for kicks, the 11th reason:  They have done a remarkable job of training and controlling me….


But it’s ok.




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