A day of highs and lows:

High:  I woke up.

Low:  Shoot.  It is only Thursday.

High:  My Keurig got delivered last night.

Low:  Too loaded to unload it.

High:  DD coffee and bagel.

Low:  Why do they put so much cream cheese on these things?

High:  Ready to go to work at 715am.

Low:  Oh Wow cat would not come in.

High:  Had turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, rolls and sweet potato casserole for lunch.

Low:  Oink oink.

High;  Thought some of the ongoing issues had been solved….. at work.

Low:  Wrong.

High:  Ag is getting released from the hospital tomorrow.

Low:  I have to work, so I will not be able to celebrate with her.

High:  at 4pm, I got a wild streak and went wild….. out of control at work… silly as a rabbit.

Low:  Still another hour to go.

High;  Could not wait to get home to see if Oh Wow was waiting and ready to come inside.

Low:  I heard him crying,  “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow” as I opened the door.

High: The 3 of us are home, on a windy January night:  Puff Daddy, Oh Wow and the Chicken Butt.

Low:  Another light bulb blew out.  Oh boy. I better quit drinking, so I can climb up that #@5@@%@ ladder and replace them.


Good night all!

Hey, tomorrow is Friday!





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