We working folk wait for the weekend to get our chores done and our acts together.

Ok, some of us do.

There are those occasional idiots who get up on a Saturday morning, and decide that the day is to be enjoyed.

Oh boy, it’s our Christmas exchange day.

The 6 of us, who worked together back in the day, get together every month, at breakfast time.

Well, in December, we had issues; bad weather, illness, etc. Yeah, all those damn things that seem to pop up when we have made plans.

This morning was different: All 6 of us together…. again.

Have we changed over the past 13 years?

Well……I suppose, but I think we all pretty much stayed the same…. maybe not in looks, but in personalities.

I took a good look at the other 5 and made a mental image of what each of us had been and who we are now.

A word or two about each:

Sue: Always the perfect Grandma, soon to be celebrating Robyn’s deployment into the Navy.

Andra:  In the past decade, finding Mr, Right, enjoying a great new home, and a flexible life style.

Denise:  A new heart, a new foot, a new home and feeling good.

Susie:  After a very stressful year or two, with her husband battling cancer, it appears that all is well.  Thank goodness!

Diane:  No more cane.  No more pain.  Enjoying painting, traveling and just doing whatever she wants to do!  Happy retirement.

Chicken Butt: Still working, still acting like an idiot and still enjoying every day, as the most obnoxious goof in the free world.

13 years later.

When we get together, the years melt away.

We pick up where we left off, enjoying one another’s company.

Love these 5 girls…..ok, old girls.

See you in February!!






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