Yes!  Sunday!

I am going to get so much accomplished.

Guess again.

Didn’t even get dressed.

Actually, it was a distressing day for me…. and our country.

The land of the free…… if you qualify.

If you live in a war torn country, forget about coming here, to start a new life, to raise a family and to chase your dreams.

Think about the children, who have not had any peace or sense of security.

If they were your children, wouldn’t you be outraged?

In a blink of an eye, our way of life, our character, our beliefs and our values have changed.

Not so fast.

There are those of us who will fight to the end to protect, preserve and cherish our way of life.

We have always welcomed diversity… until today.

I am not proud of what is happening.

I am saddened.

And frightened.





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