March : Lion? Lamb? or Grumpy Cat?

What the heck happened to February?

Almost gone?

And really, not a major snow event?

Yes, we had that “pseudo tornado” on Saturday, and 70 degrees, but I can’t consider this a normal month, in Pennsylvania.

Oh, not that I am complaining.

But it just doesn’t seem quite right.

Usually, by now, I am ready for warm weather, flowers and March madness, but this year, I am confused.

The predictions for the East Coast this past winter:  Temps about normal, but with frequent storms.



The coughing and sneezing in the office today was out of control

Is this a reflection on the topsy turvey weather we have had?

Do germs thrive in this environment?

Or do I work with a bunch of diseased people?


Anyway, I missed the Oscars last night.

Today, it’s the talk of the tabloids.

What a hoot.

But I really had not seen any of those films, so I watched Columbo and Murder She Wrote, instead.

March could be an awakening.

It is very unpredictable.

I think that is why I like it.

Besides, St Patty’s day is in March.

One of my favorite holidays.

So, we carry on, my wayward daughters and sons.

Tomorrow:  the last day of February, 2017.

If we wake up to another day, let’s make the most of it.

Life is a mystery and a miracle.

While we are still here, let’s give it hell.

Live, love and laugh.



Productive weekend? Depends on your state of mind….

When the weekend is winding down, how does one know if it has been productive?

Forget that.

How does one know that it has been a wonderful experience, doing whatever it is that makes it enjoyable?


Friday night:  Hanging with the crowd, anticipating tomorrow’s trip to the wine/beer fest.

Saturday:  A crazy day, from the weather:  60 degrees in the morning, to severe t storms in the afternoon and temps dropping 20 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Enjoying the band, the beer and the wines at the FriendFest.

Major power outage.

14 of us in a limo, laughing and carrying on, trying to find a bar that had power.

By midnite, finally calling it a day and night, shaking our heads over the events of the day.

Sunday:  What?  it’s what time?  1030am?  I don’t feel too chipper.

Coffee please.

And then out for cheesy garlic bread and vitamin C.

Ran into Todd.

He loves his Davey Crockett hat.

Moving right along, to more Vitamin C and spaghetti.

And much to my surprise, Ray and Patti and James.

Well, not really James.

It was Jameson.

Home early, to chill out before beginning another work week.

Got invited for dinner Wednesday.

And wine tasting on Saturday.

Oh yes.

It was a very good weekend.

A special kind of productive:  Making memories that will last forever.

What a hoot!






Power outage…… Really? hahhahahahah

Got up late.

Wait a minute.

It’s Saturday.

What the hell?

I have to be somewhere….. soon, I think.

Showered and put on my chicken butt hat.

Went to the gas station and the first bar.

I have to eat, after my vitamin C drink.

Fried egg plant and sauce.

Geez, they were good.

WTF?  Only 1 pm?

Time to put on my party dress.

Just kidding.

At the next stop, crispy shrimp with margarita sauce.

Oh yeah!

Hey, here come Patti and Jackie.

What a lovely lunch we had.

Then the limo showed up.


What a fabulous trip to the dark side of the moon.

I tried to woo Bobbie, from Colleen.

Didn’t happen.

I asked Scott to watch Patti.

Oh Oh .  Where the heck is Scott?

No one can say.  He is lost in space.

Moving along:

A lovely chocolate treat from Chris.


And after several hours of posing for Chicken B photos, tasting wine and weasel piss…

Mother nature unleashed her wrath on Kutztown , PA.

Ok, so for the next several hours, no power…..

But we were all together, in the limo, singing, “The Day the Music Died.”

Hey, A bar,. open, with a generator!

What a lovely ending to a fabulous day.

Several Jamesons later?

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

It was a hoot.

Such a fabulous day, celebrating life with friends.



And how was your week?

The week in review:

Shamus died.  What a great dog he was.  Our pets are family.  And we grieve, mostly for ourselves, as we will miss the undying loyalty and unconditional love they provided.   Thinking of you: Patti and Ray.

The weather turned remarkably warm. 74 degrees in February?  Hey Al Gore.  Way to go.

Vacations are on the horizon:  Colleen and Andy:  Mexico.  Lori and Linda:  Ireland. Ziggy, Greg,MB and kiddies: Bahamas Cruise.  Mary?  Yeah, Mary: What the hell?  The casino?  Today?  If only I had known. hahahahha.

Looking forward to the wine/beer tasting event tomorrow.  14 of us goofs.  Oh my my.  Oh hell yes, let’s just meet at the adult book store in a party dress.

Very quiet today at work. I think the whole country was out with spring fever.

Oh boy, in the mail today:  A Davy Crockett hat….. for my buddy, Todd.  I think he will be a knockout in that crazy hat.

At the bar tonight:  Chris, Chrissie, Chris, Todd, Bryan and Scott.  Geez what a riot.  Hey guys:  I will be at the adult bookstore tomorrow morning.  If you like pina coladas…. chicken butt stockings in the rain, let’s get together for infused brownies, and act like we always do:  insane.

At work?   The Beaver is house hunting.  Pat has a cold.  It’s Krissie’s Bday today.  Donna is wild, as usual.  The Wiz of Oz looked stunning in his red and black outfit.  Scottie took off at noon.  Tommy Z is enjoying the beer crafting events.  MCat and Tito are enjoying a relaxing afternoon.  And me?  The Chicken Butt?  Just acting like a complete idiot, as usual.

If you believe everything you read…. especially from bananawolf, well, you just may be a lunatic.  And for some of us, it just may be a lunatic we are looking for.

Until tomorrow, when we meet again, on cyber space,





Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking

You walked into the party
Like you were walking onto a yacht.

I couldn’t help myself from stealing that line, from Carly Simon.

I strutted in to the bar,

With my Minnie Mouse Hat on my head.


Until Todd walked by and said,

“Hey, baby, your hat is on backward.”

And from that point on, the evening took a wild and crazy turn.

Scott and his Alpine stories.

Bryan, with his sliding in the mud, dump truck…..into a Pella window, he had just installed.

Chrissy, fresh from the med center, with high cholesterol.

Somehow the conversation got raunchy.

And Scott made a bold statement:

“Hey!  You think I will be the wild mess at our Saturday wine fest.  Take a look at the Chicken Butt.  Completely out of control.”

After 3 vitamin C fixes, and some kind of crazy talk about the 60s, 70s and 80s, we were rolling…..

It really didn’t matter what we were laughing about.

It was just a hilarious, raucous, crazy night.

I hope everyone enjoyed the hour or two that we were together.

I know I did.

And this Saturday?

Oh boy!

14 of us, in a limo, headed towards the wine/beer tasting, enjoying those we have met throughout the last few years.

A day to remember, for sure.






You say sorbet, I say sherbet. Hey, remember, I am from Minnesota.

There are times when I am somber.

No, not sober.


I am  never really sober.

If I was sober, I would be an orange sorbet.

Today, I was high on tuna fish.


Have you ever had a tuna melt from the Windsor Deli?


Put me right up there, flying high, without wings.

Spent the afternoon working and worrying about P Daddy.

She is having a difficult time.

Come on.

Cats eat, sleep, use the kitty litter, play for awhile and then?

Who knows?

Well, P D  is having senior moments.

She eats and hides.

She has what is known in the cat world as a failure to eliminate.

I grabbed a towel tonight, wrapped her in it and tried to focus on the problem.

I am now bleeding from both hands.

I noticed blood stains on the door, when Half Pint escaped out of the torture chamber.

Yes, from my delicate hands.

HP is out on the deck.

He is chasing squirrels and other night creatures.

PD is mad as hell, staring at me, with her claws extended.

Ok, so it’s 7pm.

Time for this bad ass cat mother to get changed in her pjs, and to let the cats fend for themselves.

What is, is.

The cats and humans all have their issues.

I have decided that interfering into the lives of other creatures just might not be the best idea.

Not if I want to live through the night.

Sorry Puff. You too Pinty.

I am an overprotective mother, who is rarely coherent, nor sober.

Tonight, however, I am somber.

You know what?

I have no idea what it means, to be somber.

Good night all!

May all of God’s creatures be happy tonight!


The consistency in the life of a bar fly.

My Monday evenings have been notoriously big time party nights.

Not sure why.

For a working girl, come on now.  Monday?

Why not wait til Friday?

Or the weekend?

After reflecting on my behavior over the years, it seems that I am in a pattern.

I am a creature of habit.

I like a consistent life style.

Besides, why not reward myself after getting up on a Monday morning, and venturing out into the working world?

Did I feel like jumping out of bed this morning at 5am?

Did I enjoy the return to reality?

Did I feel a little bit crazy and wild, knowing that I would stop and have a few blasts after enduring the Monday blues?

So, tonight, once again, I made the trek to the local gin mill.

I am not sure why it is called the gin mill.

I don’t even like gin.

But a few of the locals were there, laughing and talking and probably feeling just like I do when I stop on a Monday night.

It was delightful.

I enjoyed every minute.

And when I got home, the cats were waiting patiently.

They know that I will be home just a little later on Mondays.

So tomorrow is Tuesday, the most productive day of the work week.

With all that productivity and accomplishment, I might have to stop again tomorrow night, to relieve the stress.

Oh yeah.

I almost forgot.

I always stop on Tuesday nights.

A creature of habit.

That’s me.

Come to think of it, I stop every night.

Hey, work hard, play hard.

My mantra:  always find time to be with your friends.

And if they aren’t there, well, then, make new friends.

A routine can be a wonderful thing.

Just ask me.

You can find me any evening, same time, same place, enjoying an hour or so, of my space.



A rare Sunday in February



Time to rest?

To kick back and let it happen?

Oh, if only I could do that.

Just had to get out and do my thing.

Come on.  It was 60 degrees, on a Sunday, in February, in Pennsylvania.

Unheard of….

Until today.

Time to hang out, to order some cheesy garlic bread and coors.

Headed back towards home.

Oh oh.

Shamus is not doing well.

Patti needs time out.


Let’s just leave it at that.


Oh Hell yes.

After a few Jamesons, a few laughs and a few incoherent stories, we found our way home.

Too bad I could not find my keys.

Yeah, well, I waited until the fog lifted and gave it another shot.

It’s 8pm.

I am home.

Keys found.

Cats fed.

Cats mad.

I have to get up early to make  my dish for the pot luck and team building meeting.

One of these days, I will grow up.



I doubt it.

Never gonna happen.

What we are, we are.

What will be, will be.

Live, love and be as goofy as you are.

That’s life….




Time to put on that party hat….

If you like pina coladas, drinking shots in the rain.

If you’re into juke box and have half of a brain.

Then meet me at the bar

On a Saturday morn.

I have something to give you.

And it aint an ear of corn.

So she met the breakfast club at 830am

Went shopping at 10am.

Gassed up at 1045am.

And sauntered into the bar at the stroke of noon.

He was there.

With a gift.

It was hanging out of his pants.



What the hell is that pink thing?

Having been a sheltered Chx Butt for 60 + years,  she was shaking in her boots.

Hey, bar keep!

Give me one more for the road.

It was then that he approached her,

With that hat in hand.


It’s Minnie Mouse.

With balls for the ears.

The bar crowd waited for the finale

As she tried on the hat.

Oh My My.

Oh hell yes.

It’s time to put on that party dress.

Ok, so it wasn’t a dress, but a hat

A first class hat with black balls for ears.

She had wanted one of these for over a million years.

Ok, so I lied.

Thank you Todd!

You are one hell of a hoot.

And I am one hell of a beaut.

Wait til I wear this gem to work on Monday.

Oh yeah!

Over the top.





A story with a wonderfully happy ending


Quiet down.

Don’t let that side of me reveal what or who I am.

She is missing.

Last seen at 510am.

She is a fox.

Well, she looks like a fox.

She is so friendly and so cute and well….. I just can’t stand to think that she is not home, where she needs to be.

Tried to concentrate all morning.

You know, I have seen the signs, the posters, the face book appeals and I have always thought, “Oh, how sad.  What would I do if  a loved one was missing?”

And then it came to me:

Yes, about 4 years ago, Puff Daddy somehow got out the front door. My heart was broken.

This is a cat that should never be outside.

She has a hole in her heart.

She can’t have kittens, she can’t be spayed.

She is part of my family, damn it.

And she is missing.

Oh, such a long day and night, driving around, calling her name, crying.

And then, in the morning, I happened to look out on the deck and there she was.

A joyous ending for sure.

Now, what about the fox?

Her family is cruising the neighborhood, putting up signs and posters, communicating on facebook.

So many people out looking for the fox.

And then, magic!

Queenie and the princess, Liz and Lisa, found her, hanging out in the hood.

All’s well that ends well.

At work?

Suddenly the work load exploded.

But that was ok.

The little fox had run her marathon and lived to talk about it.

Well, bark about it.

Welcome home, little one.

Tonight, I just felt so good, I had to stop for a few blasts, to toast to the home coming.

Cheers, little one!

And cheers to Lisa, Liz, Brian, Brit, Zak and Ag.

I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to have your family all together tonight.