Another illness hits the Chx. B.

What the hell?

On Monday night, not sure what time it was , who I was or where I was, but I picked up the phone, called my boss and told her that my throat was on fire.

I looked in the mirror and wondered if I had been in a fight.

My eyes were puffy, my cheeks were swollen, my ears were inflamed, and it hurt whenever I tried to take a drink of water.

Since I only have 2 cats to talk to…… I had not realized that my voice was also a mess.

So after a trek to the doctor’s office, followed by a visit to the pharmacy, I slept for 2 days and felt drugged.

A sinus infection?


So off to work I went on Thursday, hoping I was going to kick this bug.

Drove up to Dunkin Donuts:  I opened my mouth and nothing but squeaks came out.

Had to enter the store to order coffee and a bagel and even then, it was like I had turned into a mouse.  Squeak Squeak.

At work, it was embarrassing.

Drugged, squeaking and looking like something not even my cat would drag in.

As the day progressed, and the squeaking got worse, I noticed my ears and throat were throbbing.

Ok, so let’s have lunch.

Not fun.

Not even chicken soup made me feel better.

Called the Doc again.


Guess who?

Squeak Squeak.

Who is this?

You better get in to see the Doctor.

Yeah, ok.

I was there a few days ago, but I am now a squeaking, freaking mess.

Tomorrow?  Ok.

Had to pick up the phone a few times.

One of the more memorable conversations was with a co worker, who lives and works overseas.

What a hoot!

I am amazed that we resolved the problem I was having.

My cube mates had a heck of a time trying to figure out what I was squeaking about all day, and I believe they were relieved when I said I was asking for tomorrow off, to get my voice back.

And before I left, I had to record a new voice mail, full of squeaking jibberish.

Keep in mind that I was full of antibiotics, cough syrup, sinus pills, pain pills and cough drops.

Obviously, none of that stuff was helping.

So, I stopped at the local bar, and squeaked out my order for a hot toddy, which they didn’t have.

After terrorizing the help and the patrons with  vocally challenged conversations, I had a Jameson and left.

Needless to say, it didn’t help.

I am now squeaking my ass off to my cats, who are not amused.

I am hoping that someday I will be able to talk again.

Hey!  If not, there is always blogging.








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