I want to try out my voice.

I ask the cats if they would like something to eat.

Yeah, I know, dumb question.

They go running into the kitchen.

They are delighted that I am home all day.

After taking my meds, I was falling asleep standing up, so back to bed I went.

Another lost day, sleeping and coughing.

Woke up at 3pm and took another shot at talking.

Still barely audible.

And the worst part is I don’t feel much better.

Throat is still sore.

Ears hurt.

I am fatigued.

And tomorrow is the Super Bowl.

No party this year.

I’ve been thinking:  If my voice never comes back, I may have to retire.

Now, wouldn’t that be a tragedy?


I am so happy I have taken up texting in the past few months.

Now if only I could remember to turn on the #%$@#5 phone.

Ok kids, back to bed for me.

I need to get some beauty rest.

And to hang out with the critters, coughing up a storm.

Can’t wait to feel better.

As it has been said:  The world is not the same without a crazy chicken butt raising hell.

Ok  I made that up, but you know what?  I like it.





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