Very quiet again, just me and the cats.

I think they know I am feeling better.

They still hang out with me, but not watching my every move.

I had to open a package today.

They love that.

What’s in it?

Is it for me?

Hey, can I play with the box?

They were disappointed that it was a coffee maker.

My coffee pot just doesn’t do it anymore.

Not after that doggone dunkin donuts moved into the neighborhood.

I am hoping that this new fangled machine will do the trick, one cup at a time.

I swore I would never buy a machine that didn’t make a full pot.

Old school thinking.

“Not me.”

“I am not gonna stop and make coffee every time I go to fill up my cup.”

Well, never say never.

Now, what the heck am I gonna do with my old coffee maker?

No one wants those old things anymore.

You can’t give them away.

Just like TV sets.

Ever try to get rid of one?


Seems we can’t even get rid of our stuff in this throw away world.

Guess I will put the TV and the coffee pot in the basement along with the old pcs and exercise bikes.

Yes exercise bikes.

But that’s another story.

For now,





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