The Super Bowl’s over.

January’s done.

2016 is history.

It is time for the infectious Chicken Butt to re enter the world of speaking people.

Yes, I heard my voice today.

Half scared me.

Still sleeping round the clock, but I did take the advice of a well known healer and care taker, and ate a sandwich.

Being a betting woman, I think one more day  of rest may put me back in my game.

I have officially cut out all meds today, except for the antibiotic.

Time to run the engine and see how it goes.

Not sure why these bugs seem to hit me harder than usual.

Could it be satan?

Or worse yet, my age?

I must thank my two companions for these care and concern over the past week.

They stayed close to me, each day, waiting for me, in my feverish state, to wonder if they had been fed.

And to gently remind me that they were starving, at least 3 times a day.

Hey guys, one more day with me and then you are back on your diets.

Love you two goofs!






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