Back to the world.

Viewed with suspicion.


Still infectious?

Looks pretty crappy.

Big boss, MCat unites the troops.

You better not let that sick woman carry heavy packages, climb the obnoxious stairs to prepress, file those 100 folders that need filing nor raise a finger in protest.

“Excuse us, MCat., but we can’t stop her from acting like an idiot and giving people the bird.”

Well, after a few hours, it was obvious that the jaded MCat was still on a mission, delivering  a sub way sandwich and bottled water to the poor old chicken butt, who could barely fluff her feathers and raise her middle finger to the masses.

Checking her emails for the past week, it was Anna Banana to the rescue, taking care of every issue.  What a great feeling!

By 3pm, Cx B was pretty well on her way to normalcy, although she still looked very much like a waif from the 60s, sneaking into the conference room to feed the hub girls candy, and trying to find out where they were going tonight for a few drinks.


By the way, it has been a week since Cx B had a drink.

She heard a loud pop and thought Donna had shot her.

She slouched down in her chair and took her afternoon nap.

By then, she wondered:  Why was Frank in the conference room with 3 girls from the hub?

Being the safety conscious person she was, she brought more candy into the room and heard Frank say;  “Hey, got any candy for a little boy?”

That is when she knew she was back to normal.

At the bar tonight, it was time for a glass of wine.

Oh the boys were there.

And some had left presents for the C. Butt, worried about her condition.

Oh my!

Tom and Susan had a tiff, so Tom stopped by, looking for the Butt and left a lottery ticket.

And a bag of Nut Goodies, made in St. Paul, Mn,  left by Correy,  a fellow Minnesotan, on a recent trip to Pennsy.

Oh what a wonderful world it is, to be back, to be able to interact, have fun, and to be able to speak again.

Back home by 645.

Oh Wow and Puff:  Happy to see me.

Hey, you two, I hear we may have a little snow storm tomorrow.

Let’s just wait and see.

For now, it feels great, to be alive and to feel much better, after a very long stretch of illness.

Moral of the story:

I get by with a little help from my friends.

I get high with a little help from my friends.

Love my friends!




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