Winter arrived today.

Just when I thought this week could not get any worse.

Actually, the snow was pretty.


I am trying to remain positive.

Ok, so a little snow.

No big deal.

6 inches or so.

Oh wait.

The driveway.

And the roads.

No school today.

No plow today.

Sure looked lovely.


When the roads/driveway were cleared, it was after 2pm.

Snow didn’t look quite so lovely at that point.

And even less lovely, after digging out the car.

Might as well have some hot cocoa.


Power is out.

Winds are picking up, over 35 mph.

It’s cold in here.

Hey, Oh Wow!  Puff!

Let’s head on into bed until we get the power back.


Power’s back.

What a perfect tribute to winter.

How many days til spring?




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