Crazy stuff, overheard, during the past week.

“What’s he eating?  OMG. The dog just ate your hearing aid.”

“Did you know that MCat’s buns are up for grabs?”

“Damn.  My weiner fell off.”

“Want some candy, little boy?”

“Who you calling a cow?”

“Jordan almonds?  Michael?  or the Almond brothers?”

“Someone’s knocking at the door. Is it Uncle Albert?  Or Phil and Don?”

“We were just talking about you.  Can you move to Wisconsin?”

Entering Frank’s office, with the visitors:  “Who’s your Daddy?”

“Are you Larry David?  Or Tom Petty?  Actually who cares?  You are a hoot.”

And so, the week ends, on a positive note.

I am home, the cats are fed.

One of them ripped my hand with her dainty little claws, and the other one is out in the snow, chasing rabbits and rainbows.

I am in for the night, feeling better than I have felt for several weeks.

It’s snowing again.

I am eating chocolate bonbons.

Bonbons and wine pair quite well.


A triple treat in the sky.

Hope you enjoy the show.

It’s probably the last display of a full moon, comet and eclipse,  all in one night, that I will witness.

Cheers to all my brothers and sisters across the universe, as we strive to build a bridge that will welcome all of us, together, in our quest for happiness.

Until tomorrow,









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