V day.

The bells are ringing.

Florists are singing.

Candy is dandy.

And liquor?

Well, for those who have no significant V, liquor can quench the thirst.

Stopped at the local bar, much to my dismay, where the ambience just didn’t cut it.

Moved on, to have dinner.

I really don’t want another glass of wine.

Yes, I know I am alone.

Hey, wait.

I am here, with Harvey, the rabbit.

Of course he is invisible.

He has been hanging out with me for years, at the bars.

Yes, give Harvey and me a drink.

You have what?

Champagne, strawberries, ginger ale and citrus vodka?

Now you’re talking.

And chicken marsala?

And raspberry swirl cheese cake?

Would I like 2 plates?


Oh, one for Harvey?

Hell, no.

Bring Harvey a salad.

And bring me another one of those V day drinks.

What a lovely evening.

Here’s to all the couples celebrating their love together.

And here’s to all the rest of us who just like to celebrate… eat… drink… and have a blast.

To everything there is a season.

Whatever season you may be experiencing, go for it.

I did.

And I had a wonderful evening.



Oh that goof.

Drunk as usual.

But a happy drunk.

I always say:  Be what you are, but be happy.

As we turn the page, welcoming another day,  good night, all.




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