Humped my way through the day.

Didn’t feel normal.

But then, who ever said I was normal.

Decided to behave this evening; Came home early to feed the cats and give them attention.

Hey Puff!  Where are you?

Hiding, in the bedroom, not moving, just hanging out, quite antisocial.  Not even the sounds of a can opener enticed her to come out to see me.

Well, I guess cats have their good days and bad days, just as we all do.

Yet, it worries me.

Looks like an early bed time for the chicken butt, to keep an eye on the little one, making sure she is comfortable, and warm.

However, the big boy went out for a stroll.

Who knows when he will slink up to the door, and cry his ass off to get back in and eat his 2nd supper?

Oh the trials and tribulations of being a crazy cat lady.

Until tomorrow,





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