Hey, what’s with the wind these days?

Went out at noon and had to find my tiger hat, to protect the old noggin from the elements.

Good thing I keep at least 12 hats in the car, just in case I need a disguise.

Kat gave me the tiger hat.

She left it on my desk last year, on a January day, thinking I would never find out who left it.

But I did.

Then, there is the penguin hat.



My 3rd year wearing this little gem, and loving it.

Oh wait!

The polar bear hat (s).

I have 2.

Both are adorable. and when someone comments, I always have the same retort:  “Yes, I am bi polar.”

Recently, I have added a chicken hat, a rooster hat and a horse head to my collection.

Heather is responsible for the chicken, Pat, for the rooster, and the horse? Well… that’s another story.

Wherever I go,  someone always says:  “Hey! Nice hat!”

I wonder about that.

I mean, come on.  An old bag wearing an animal hat?

If you must know the truth, I have turned into my Mother.


She always wore a hat.

Not the animal types.

Just hats.

To church.

Every day.

She was a saint.

Oh boy.

I wonder if she is up in heaven, checking me out as I wear these obnoxious hats to the bars every night.

If so, Hey Mom!


I am still here, on this planet, working every day, wearing hats and drinking myself into obscurity.

Loving every minute!

By the way, your chicken and dumplings?

Still a big hit.

I have the recipe.

Hope you are enjoying eternity….. and wearing a new hat every day.

Hey!  What the heck is this life all about, anyway?


Mom has spoken:  Here is what she said:

It’s about being alive.

Enjoying every moment.

Living in the now.

My question:

And the past?

Mom :

The past is the past.



“Just  enjoy where you are, who you are and what you are, as long as you are still alive and on this planet.”

“But… Mom, I miss you.”

“Yeah, well?  Ok.  I think you do, but ….the choices you make and the way you live your life will always be a reflection on me.”

With that, the Chicken Butt ordered another margarita, with salt and danced on the bar.

Oh, life!

What a hoot you are.

By the way, Mom headed out for bingo, wearing a skunk hat.









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