Quiet down.

Don’t let that side of me reveal what or who I am.

She is missing.

Last seen at 510am.

She is a fox.

Well, she looks like a fox.

She is so friendly and so cute and well….. I just can’t stand to think that she is not home, where she needs to be.

Tried to concentrate all morning.

You know, I have seen the signs, the posters, the face book appeals and I have always thought, “Oh, how sad.  What would I do if  a loved one was missing?”

And then it came to me:

Yes, about 4 years ago, Puff Daddy somehow got out the front door. My heart was broken.

This is a cat that should never be outside.

She has a hole in her heart.

She can’t have kittens, she can’t be spayed.

She is part of my family, damn it.

And she is missing.

Oh, such a long day and night, driving around, calling her name, crying.

And then, in the morning, I happened to look out on the deck and there she was.

A joyous ending for sure.

Now, what about the fox?

Her family is cruising the neighborhood, putting up signs and posters, communicating on facebook.

So many people out looking for the fox.

And then, magic!

Queenie and the princess, Liz and Lisa, found her, hanging out in the hood.

All’s well that ends well.

At work?

Suddenly the work load exploded.

But that was ok.

The little fox had run her marathon and lived to talk about it.

Well, bark about it.

Welcome home, little one.

Tonight, I just felt so good, I had to stop for a few blasts, to toast to the home coming.

Cheers, little one!

And cheers to Lisa, Liz, Brian, Brit, Zak and Ag.

I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to have your family all together tonight.




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