If you like pina coladas, drinking shots in the rain.

If you’re into juke box and have half of a brain.

Then meet me at the bar

On a Saturday morn.

I have something to give you.

And it aint an ear of corn.

So she met the breakfast club at 830am

Went shopping at 10am.

Gassed up at 1045am.

And sauntered into the bar at the stroke of noon.

He was there.

With a gift.

It was hanging out of his pants.



What the hell is that pink thing?

Having been a sheltered Chx Butt for 60 + years,  she was shaking in her boots.

Hey, bar keep!

Give me one more for the road.

It was then that he approached her,

With that hat in hand.


It’s Minnie Mouse.

With balls for the ears.

The bar crowd waited for the finale

As she tried on the hat.

Oh My My.

Oh hell yes.

It’s time to put on that party dress.

Ok, so it wasn’t a dress, but a hat

A first class hat with black balls for ears.

She had wanted one of these for over a million years.

Ok, so I lied.

Thank you Todd!

You are one hell of a hoot.

And I am one hell of a beaut.

Wait til I wear this gem to work on Monday.

Oh yeah!

Over the top.






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