Time to rest?

To kick back and let it happen?

Oh, if only I could do that.

Just had to get out and do my thing.

Come on.  It was 60 degrees, on a Sunday, in February, in Pennsylvania.

Unheard of….

Until today.

Time to hang out, to order some cheesy garlic bread and coors.

Headed back towards home.

Oh oh.

Shamus is not doing well.

Patti needs time out.


Let’s just leave it at that.


Oh Hell yes.

After a few Jamesons, a few laughs and a few incoherent stories, we found our way home.

Too bad I could not find my keys.

Yeah, well, I waited until the fog lifted and gave it another shot.

It’s 8pm.

I am home.

Keys found.

Cats fed.

Cats mad.

I have to get up early to make  my dish for the pot luck and team building meeting.

One of these days, I will grow up.



I doubt it.

Never gonna happen.

What we are, we are.

What will be, will be.

Live, love and be as goofy as you are.

That’s life….





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