You walked into the party
Like you were walking onto a yacht.

I couldn’t help myself from stealing that line, from Carly Simon.

I strutted in to the bar,

With my Minnie Mouse Hat on my head.


Until Todd walked by and said,

“Hey, baby, your hat is on backward.”

And from that point on, the evening took a wild and crazy turn.

Scott and his Alpine stories.

Bryan, with his sliding in the mud, dump truck…..into a Pella window, he had just installed.

Chrissy, fresh from the med center, with high cholesterol.

Somehow the conversation got raunchy.

And Scott made a bold statement:

“Hey!  You think I will be the wild mess at our Saturday wine fest.  Take a look at the Chicken Butt.  Completely out of control.”

After 3 vitamin C fixes, and some kind of crazy talk about the 60s, 70s and 80s, we were rolling…..

It really didn’t matter what we were laughing about.

It was just a hilarious, raucous, crazy night.

I hope everyone enjoyed the hour or two that we were together.

I know I did.

And this Saturday?

Oh boy!

14 of us, in a limo, headed towards the wine/beer tasting, enjoying those we have met throughout the last few years.

A day to remember, for sure.







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