Got up late.

Wait a minute.

It’s Saturday.

What the hell?

I have to be somewhere….. soon, I think.

Showered and put on my chicken butt hat.

Went to the gas station and the first bar.

I have to eat, after my vitamin C drink.

Fried egg plant and sauce.

Geez, they were good.

WTF?  Only 1 pm?

Time to put on my party dress.

Just kidding.

At the next stop, crispy shrimp with margarita sauce.

Oh yeah!

Hey, here come Patti and Jackie.

What a lovely lunch we had.

Then the limo showed up.


What a fabulous trip to the dark side of the moon.

I tried to woo Bobbie, from Colleen.

Didn’t happen.

I asked Scott to watch Patti.

Oh Oh .  Where the heck is Scott?

No one can say.  He is lost in space.

Moving along:

A lovely chocolate treat from Chris.


And after several hours of posing for Chicken B photos, tasting wine and weasel piss…

Mother nature unleashed her wrath on Kutztown , PA.

Ok, so for the next several hours, no power…..

But we were all together, in the limo, singing, “The Day the Music Died.”

Hey, A bar,. open, with a generator!

What a lovely ending to a fabulous day.

Several Jamesons later?

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

It was a hoot.

Such a fabulous day, celebrating life with friends.




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