When the weekend is winding down, how does one know if it has been productive?

Forget that.

How does one know that it has been a wonderful experience, doing whatever it is that makes it enjoyable?


Friday night:  Hanging with the crowd, anticipating tomorrow’s trip to the wine/beer fest.

Saturday:  A crazy day, from the weather:  60 degrees in the morning, to severe t storms in the afternoon and temps dropping 20 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Enjoying the band, the beer and the wines at the FriendFest.

Major power outage.

14 of us in a limo, laughing and carrying on, trying to find a bar that had power.

By midnite, finally calling it a day and night, shaking our heads over the events of the day.

Sunday:  What?  it’s what time?  1030am?  I don’t feel too chipper.

Coffee please.

And then out for cheesy garlic bread and vitamin C.

Ran into Todd.

He loves his Davey Crockett hat.

Moving right along, to more Vitamin C and spaghetti.

And much to my surprise, Ray and Patti and James.

Well, not really James.

It was Jameson.

Home early, to chill out before beginning another work week.

Got invited for dinner Wednesday.

And wine tasting on Saturday.

Oh yes.

It was a very good weekend.

A special kind of productive:  Making memories that will last forever.

What a hoot!







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