If you don’t have anything to say…..

Well, don’t blog.

We bloggers sometimes just sit down, crank out a few sentences and think we may have created a masterpiece.

Ok, so it’s a common, ordinary, blase’, mediocre, and….. revealing rant.

Don’t ask me why I feel the need to write every night.

It really isn’t an obsession.

It’s just a fun thing to do, while raising a few eyebrows, over some ridiculously stupid opinions.

It’s kind of like supporting the NE Pats.

I do it.


Because it creates hostility in PA.


And yes, I love the Yankees, but not as much as I did when Jeter, Rodriguez and Rivera were there.



Great ball players, but hunks.

So now, I am focusing on those aging rock stars.


Have you seen STYX?

Or the Stones?

How about Boston, Chicago, or the Doobies?

Rumor has it that Christine McVee and Stevie’s old beau are about to make beautiful music together.

Oh music.

Oh sports.

Oh what the hell happened?

I can remember Lawrence Welk, Ed Sullivan and Dick Clark.

If you can’t remember those 3, good for you.


Those nights at Gram’s, huddled around the b/w TV, watching My Hit Parade and Gun Smoke.

Well, life changes.

In that day and age, it was great.

We looked forward to it.


We hardly ever sit down with our families.

Too busy.

Too important.

It’s a world that centers around instant gratification, and “ME”.

Ok, kids, that is it for tonight.

Another rant.

I have a dozen donuts, if anyone would like to come over, brew a few, and just chat, about whatever it is that is on your mind.

If not, I will eat those dozen donuts.

It’s Fat Tuesday.

And I will be damned if I will let that slip by me.

After all, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

So let’s all roll another joint, and spread the ashes on my driveway.

I hear snow is in the forecast…..





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