Woke up in time to hear President DT accuse the white house of wire tapping.

Ok folks, let’s all focus on that nonsense, get outraged and act out, while the real shenanigans are taking place in the DT administration, behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, I opened a box of chocolates and indulged.

I have heard of drama queens, and some were doozies, but this one is the mother of all DQs.

Seems to be a pattern here:

Do or say something outrageous.

Let the media and the public duke it out.

A mass feeding frenzy.




In the middle of the fire storm, step back, watch, while secretly moving on to the real agenda.

Sorry, DT, I ain’t buying it.

You may want to try a new approach.

Most of us are not going to react to your “true” unverified statements.

After 100 days, you have worn out that sorry and tired path of unfounded hysteria.

One of your directives, however, seems to be quite on target:  Don’t travel for trivial reasons.

At least not every weekend.





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