As one ages, one gets wilder.

Yes, wilder.

No one really pays that much attention to old people, so we are pretty much left alone to say and do what we want.

And if no one likes it, who cares?

Take tonight, for example:

A crazed woman, on her way home, after working all day, stops for a night cap.

Such a hussy, this brazen old bag, strutting into the neighborhood bar, at 5pm, ordering a double, while wearing a Minnie Mouse Hat.

She puts down several one dollar bills on the bar, announcing that she is paying for her drink with the proceeds from pole dancing.

She carries her drink back to her table, and is immediately engaged in conversation.

The topics defied all logic, hit and miss, and mostly hysterical.

In retrospect, it was the easy give and take of friends who like being together, for an hour or so after a long day.

Not sure what it is about a Monday night that is so tantalizing.

It’s just how it is.

It’s my favorite night of the week.

Such an easy, peaceful feeling….

Home now.

Feeling mellow….

Until tomorrow,






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