It rained this morning.

Of course it did.

Tuesdays are trash day.

There goes the Chicken Butt carrying the trash down the driveway, in the rain.

Never fails.

Tuesday morning?


Never mind that the Chx B, in her wild haste, spent just a little too much time in the rain.

Oh yeah.

Quite a soggy scene.

To boost her spirits, the CButt goes to Dunkin Donuts.

“A small coffee with cream and a bagel with cream cheese, please.”

“Huh?  I didn’t get that. Could you speak a little louder please?”

“Here, let me try this:  A bagel.  Cream Cheese. A coffee. Small. Cream.”

“Did you say coffee?  And a can of cream?”

“Yeah.  That’s right.  A can of cream and a small coffee.  And don’t forget the bagel.”

“I thought I heard you say a can of cream.”

“Hold it. Do you really have canned cream?”

“Could you speak up please?  I can’t hear you, with all the honking going on.”
“Ok.  Let’s start over.  Do you have coffee?  With cream?  And a bagel? With cream cheese?”


“No, actually, I am not toasted. I am soaked to my soggy ass, but not toasted.”

“Drive up please. $4.01.”

Funny, but I got a small coffee, a bagel with cream cheese, but no cream.

Not sure what the heck happened, but the bagel had at least a pound of cream cheese on it.

Oh well, I was a soggy mess with cream cheese on my face, when I picked up the phone for a conference call.

Phone was dead.

And that is how my day started.

Looking back, it was the best part of the day.






And guess what?

The trash is still at the end of the driveway.

Ain’t life a hoot?





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