A conversation with myself:

5am:  Is that the alarm?


Oh great.  I need another hour of sleep.

630am:  Hey!  It’s getting light outside.

Don’t tell me I overslept.

Yes, you did.  You lazy bum.

Oh no.  I am doomed.

It’s curtains for me.

The cats  are waiting for food.

I am in desperate need of coffee.

I can’t possibly get dressed and out of here on time.

7am:  Oh no.  My hair dryer died.

Wait.  It’s the power.

Why is it that the bathroom always gets the power hit?

The hell with it.
I am getting dressed and leaving with a wet head.

One more coffee and I am out of here.

Oh no. I forgot.

Keurigs need cups.

Oh where or where did my coffee go?

What’s that noise I hear?

It’s the Oh Wow Cat, taking a shower in the new water dispenser.

He is splish splashing around.

P Daddy approaches.

OWow won’t leave.

P Daddy swats him, and walks away with the crabbiest face I have ever seen.

Get me out of here!

Got to work on time.

Don’t ask.

Yes, I am a mess.

Long day.

At 824, I checked the clock.

My how time flies.

Had to put on my professional hat and hold a conference call.

You know what?

I am amazing, even if I am a freakish chicken butt.

Home now.


P Daddy is taking her shower, while the OW cat races towards the door, to terrorize the neighborhood.

The Chicken Butt decides to pop a cold one.

Hey, my new phone:  It has a heavy duty flashlight.

Oh google!  Flashlight please.

Made the trip to the basement and tripped the light fandango…… well, you know, the fuse box.

Tomorrow?  Good old hair dryer, to the rescue.

What a lovely day.

Just kidding.

I lie.





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