A rare event is creating quite a stir in Pennsylvania this evening.

It is the start of the winter season.

Yes, March 9th.

The first day of winter.

60 degrees and plummeting.

Get out those shovels, snow blowers and boots.

Let’s have cocoa and toast, and roast some weenies or marshmallows on the fire.

It is time for the winter of 2017 to finally make its appearance.

2-4 inches.

Yeah, ok, not so bad.

It’s a nice start to the season.

And then on Tuesday?

Well, hunker down, my friends.

The wild winds of the NE kick up, dancing to the tune of the wee beastie, who will appear in all his glory,

on the 17th day of March.

It’s all in preparation, you see, of the Irish shenanigans, better known as the hoodo of all things green and boozy.

We Irish love to suffer through the bogs, the blizzards and the booze.

You see, we are at our best when gloom and doom persist.

We love our pub crawls, and moon lights.

Don’t let the sun shine on us.

We just might melt.

So, it is an exciting time, this late winter of our discontent.

Let’s meet at the local pub tomorrow when the world shuts down, and toast to one another.

Life is good when it is bad.

And best when one is Irish and blitzed.



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