A wild streak crossed my path today.

I could not settle down, to a normal Sunday afternoon.

It was the demon moon/sun/nor easter or whatever.

Destined, yes destined, to act out with no real purpose.

Just a day to go for it.

Truly, I tried to settle down with the cats, to cater to their needs, but it was futile.

Off I went to find the meaning of crazy.

Hey, Carl!  Hey Kim!  Hey Ray!  Hey World!

And then the question of the day:

Why are you still working?

Why don’t you retire?

And the answer is:

I have a pension from Met, from ATT, and from SS.

And my current job drives me to drink.

Next question?
There is a snow storm on the horizon.

Now what?

Well, let’s put it this way:  So what?

It’s gonna happen.

What if it drops 18 inches of snow?

One more time:  What the heck are you gonna do about it?

So, when you do finally retire, then what?

I might move to NYC.


Why not?

What is it you like about the city?

Everything and nothing.

So, now what?

I am parched.

Pop open a coors, while I change into my pjs.

Just one last question:  Are you happy?

Let me say this about that:  Happiness just could be an illusion. And I am an illusionary.

Are you saying life is an illusion?

Only if you have lost a loved one…… and then?  Yes.

So, now what?

You tell me.

In the meantime, let’s just be ….

Didn’t the Beagles say that?

No, the Eagles, I think…. or was it the Beatles?

Does it matter, my darling mad hatter?

Let it be.








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