Comments today:

Did you win the lottery yet?   We need to go to Ireland.

Will you be ok?  in the blizzard?   Uhm….. not really.

If you won’t be at work tomorrow, then what?

I woke up with a horse head on my pillow.  Can I make you an offer you can’t refuse?

He texted:  Hey, Babe, how long ago when I smoked pot?  I was in an accident at work.  What? This is who?  My boss?  I am @5#%%5%. !!!

This order needs to be delivered in NYC tomorrow.  (Yeah, ok. heheheheh.)

If you need help with plowing tomorrow, call me.  What?  You don’t need help?  What if you need a drink?  What?  Ok. Call me.

Franny blew in from nowhere.  She is having issues with Bo, her dog.  Now, if you have ever seen a drunkard’s dream, it’s Fran.  She is definitely from Cripple Creek.

The cats are obsessed with their water fountain.  Now they are taking baths in that damn thing.

I am setting an alarm for 3am….. to take the garbage down the driveway.  Do you think I will do it?

March madness.  Yup.  Not sure if the madness is March weather or BBall.  But there is not a damn thing any of us can do about it.  Might as well go with the odds, and let the brackets fall where they may.

Hope to be functional tomorrow……but if not, cheers!  Hunker down, and remember, this too shall pass.





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