St. Pat’s day.

Stuck in the house ,,,,day 4.

Snow storm.

No oil.

Car perched in a snow bank.


An oil delivery.

How many gallons?



Guess we were down for the count.

Reved up the car, out of the snow bank.

Reluctantly, the car eased its self out of the abyss.



Oh @$@$$$.  I need to release the brake.

I am so hungry.


From that moment on, freedom.

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember  me?

Free falling!

Philadelphia Freedom!  Let it shine.

2pm til 8pm:  What a hoot.

Happy St P’s.

Green beer….. Rueben sandwiches…..Jameson….and other crazy Irish stuff.

Home now.

Thanks, Chris, Chris, Kait, Patti and Bree.

I had a wonderful time.

Another St Pat’s day to remember.

Love the crazies who made it all happen.

Until tomorrow….

Every one is Irish on this historic day.

If you doubt it, let’s have one more toast:  Jameson, my friend.

One more for the road:

May we all be in heaven, a day before the devil knows we are dead…..




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