When a cat is missing?

The world seems like such a dark place.

Where are you?

I know you are here, somewhere in this house.

The morning routine transpires:

Cans opening, water bowls filled, kitty litter cleaned…

And no “Oh Wow” cat.

They say a cat will go somewhere, alone, to spend his/her last hours.

No.  I can’t think about that.

The little one is eating, but she wants to hang out with me.

She hates being alone.

Off to work I go.

A heavy heart all day.

Mondays are bad enough without a gigantic cat missing.

I wonder if he will starve, since he didn’t eat his usual 3 breakfasts.

Or I might find him, frozen, in the basement.

The mind of a cat owner is never sure of what the hell will happen.

So , on this first day of spring, I ventured home early, opened the door and said, “Pinty! Puffy!  I am home.”

No response.

Reluctantly, I climbed the stairs.

There they were, the 2 of them, just hanging out, staring at me.


What’s with the mixed messages?

Well, they ate, they drank, and now?

Puff is hanging out in the water fountain, taking a shower.

And the big boy went outside, with an attitude.

Time for me to pop open a beer.

I guess cats will be cats.

It’s in their genes.

And cat owners?

Well, I, for one, think they will always be here, hanging out with me, because they care about me.


We humans are so easily trained, by the ageless cat, the ultimate comfort, independent creature.

But for tonight, it’s ok.

Oh Wow and Puff are still with me.

And that, on the first day of spring, 2017, is enough for me.






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