A Ruby Tuesday, for sure.

Never did like these things:

  1.  Sales who approved something that was not even close to being right.
  2. A cat who waited until I was wearing a new sweater before she clawed me.
  3. Snow that is melting at the rate of 2 inches per day, in a 15 inch area.
  4. A salad of raisins , grapes, olives, lettuce,  cranberries and feta cheese, without any croutons.
  5. Several photos of me on FB when I was half in the bag.
  6. Having to apologize for being right.
  7. Conference calls that I have to host.  Sorry!  I just don’t feel I am sincere.
  8. Talking to my husband, who died last September.  What the heck is wrong with me?
  9. Pole dancing, constantly.
  10. Hanging out with Harvey every night.  Yes, Harvey. Yes, the invisible rabbit.  Yes, I am deranged.

Hey kids!

If we wake up and are still here tomorrow, let’s call it a miracle, and dance as fast as we can.



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