An interview with B.Wolf, a strange, goofy, so called blogger:



How long you been blogging?

Uhm. I forget.

It’s been quite a few years, right?


So, do you have a lot of followers?


Do people read your blogs?

Yeah, some do, mostly drunks and reclusive idiots.

Why do you continue, with the ridiculously small following you have?

I have a compulsion.  I can’t quit.  I need my fix every night.  And I don’t give a 2%5@%@5 if any one else reads this jibberish or not.  I just do it because I can.

Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to do something more worthwhile?

Could be.  But I have a tenacious personality.  I need to be an asshole and this is my daily opportunity to prove it to the world.

Hardly the world, BWolf.  You are not exactly a rock star.

Thanks for reminding me.  Is this interview over?

I guess… unless you have something meaningful to say.

One last thought:  Just do it.  Whatever it is that you love, do it.  And don’t look back, don’t worry about criticism, just do it.

But what if you continue to blog into obscurity?

Hey, I am already obscure.  And I am obnoxious.  And I intend to continue into oblivion.

And that, my friends, is the infamous BWolf, a wild and ridiculous goof, who roams the streets of rural Pennsylvania, trying to pass the bars.

She failed tonight….. again.





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