There is a lady we all know.

All right.  Forget that.

You know I am a Zep fan, but let’s not get wild over it.

After all,  do we Americans really know what a hedgerow is?

Ok. let’s move along.

The horse whisperer and I went out tonight.

Lovely dinner.

Lovely cognac.

Lovely night caps.

It is always a blast with Patti La Pue.

After the 5th or 6th Jameson, we both gave up the ghost and ventured into the abyss.

Women friends always have the best stories.


Love of our lives?

Hey, how about the best of times.

You know, the headlines say these are the best of times……

I do believe it’s true.

However, for those 2 idiots who left the HW  (horse whisperer) and the CB (Chicken Butt), forever forsaking the glorious years, up yours.

Now: that was easy to say, especially after wine, cognac, and 3 shots of Heaven…..

On this day, March 23, 2017, dinner was delightful.

Laughter was inevitable.

And regrets?  Hey!  Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end.

But end, they did.

And now, let us find enjoyment in our quest, climbing the stairway to heaven.

My parting sentiments?

Let’s do it again.




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