Saying hello to strangers is a hoot.

Here are 10 of those people I hope to see again.

Sally Star:  85 years old, a little pixie, with a cowgirl hat and long white hair.  Came back to Pa to bury her sister. What a delightful person.  Funny, funky and just plain fun.

Rudie:  A construction worker.  Tall, lanky guy with a sense of humor and a smile that lights up the world.

Annika:  The newest addition to our customer service group.  What a beauty.  Bright, happy, and ready to take on new accounts.  I love the enthusiasm.

A bank manager, working on a Saturday.  Such a personable, lovely woman, who made my trip to the bank as pleasant as possible.  Sometimes we have to do things when our mate dies, and one of them is to remove him/her from the accounts.  This gal made it a breeze.

Mercy, it’s Marci!  Not that I have not met Marci before this, but it is rare when I do run into her.  She waited on our table when Patti La Pue and I had dinner last week.  She always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect.

Neighbors:  Jerry and Dave:  OMG.  Has it really been years since we have seen one another?  He?  Looks like Bill Clinton.  She?  Says she is no Monica Lewinski.  They are a perfect match, and such fun to be with.

Jimmy:  A cool dude who works on the interstate bridge, away from home, a week at a time.  Quiet, reserved, and a smile that would knock your socks off.  It feels good to know Jimmy.

Wine store manager:  Oh yeah.  She works hard, carries cartons of booze out to cars, loves to give advice on the various wines, and is a peach of a woman.  I think I will go there more often, just to see her…..and to get wine, of course.

A 2 year old kid, running, carrying on, while her parents dined.  For some reason, she and I connected.. I think it could have been my Minnie Mouse hat, but it doesn’t matter.  She made me feel special.

If you get the chance, kick back and say hello when you run across a stranger.  Or reconnect with those you have not seen for some time.

You will be amazed at what that can do for you…… and for them.





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